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Facts & Questions

Below are questions worth asking Universal Tint & Auto Centre or any other company that is giving you a quote to ensure you are recieving what you pay for.

"Does the warranty cover the replacement costs of both film and labour?"

All Universal Tint warranties come with the full backing and support of 3M Australia Pty Ltd that includes a nation-wide warranty covering both film and labour.

"What does the warranty cover?"

Bubbling, Film Shrinkage, Crazing, Blistering, De-Lamination, Discolouration and Peeling.

"How long is the warranty for?"

All Automotive and residentual films come with a life-time warranty while commercial application come with a 12 year warranty.

"Who is the manufacturer?"

3M Australia but we do hold accounts with all other major window tinting manufacturers.

"Does the film have an acrylate adhesive system? (One that moves with the glass as it expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations)"

Only 3M Scotchtint products have a proprietary acrylic adhesive system developed by 3M especially for window films, a main factor when tinting residentual and commercial properties.

"Does the company use direct employees or contract labour?"

Universal Tint does not and never will use contract labour.

"Do the installers have a license from the manufacturer to apply the film?"

Universal Tint are licensed by 3M Australia and other major manufacturers to install sun-control products.

"Is the Company you are dealing with fully covered for any accidents to it's employees while on your premises?"

Universal Tint has full insurance for property and its valued staff. As well as on going safety training programs we focus on our safety and the safety of our customers.

"How long does it take to install film on my car?"

It all depends on the number of windows that need tint as well as the type of car.

As long as you use a qualified, professional window film installer, the job will usually take anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours.

"Is automotive window film installed on the inside or the outside of the glass?"

Window film is always applied to the inside of the automotive glass.

"What film is legal for my car?"

Laws pertaining to how dark you can tint your car windows vary from state to state and country to country.

Check your state or country where your car is registered to find out applicable tint laws. These are just used as guide lines please check with your local RTA for any of the latest window tinting updates available.

The latest automotive tint laws within Australia:

Western Australia Northen Territory South Australia Queensland New South Wales Victoria Tasmania

"Does purchasing Roof racks and accessories come with free installation if required?"

The majority of our products will come with a friendly staff member to help assist you in installing your purchase this is free of charge.

Other custom installations and application products will have a cost associated with it, but this amount will be shown to you prior to purchase.

"What does the warranty cover?"

All Products come with a manufacturers warranty, depending on the product purchased shall determined what is covered within the warranty.

"How long is the warranty for?"

This all depend on what product is purchased so upon purchase please read your warranty carefully but if you are unsure ask one of our staff for assistance.