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Repeller Remote Control Alarms

Introducing Repeller car alarms - alarms that give you real protection.

State of the art electronic technology makes these alarms reliable, sensitive anti theft devices, warning you of any unauthorised intrusion or attempts to steal your vehicle.

The features and price vary depending on the model that you choose so come on in to Universal Tint & Auto Centre where we can assist you in selecting the car security system most suited to your needs.

24 Months Warranty

All repeller alarms have a full 12 months warranty on labour and parts plus another 12 months conditional warranty on parts.

Electronic Shock Sensor

Your Repeller alarm, with built-in adjustable Piezo electric shock sensor, can be activated by conducted noise to the body of the car. Examples are breakage of glass, noise transmitted through interference to door locks, breakage of wheel lock nuts, attempts to force open door or bonnet, or vehicle being towed away.

  • Internal Movement Detector. Ultrasonic sensors placed within the car activate the alarm by any movement inside the vehicle. This feature may be deleted at any time through the remote control.
  • Reserve Battery. A reserve battery incorporated inside the alarm powers the siren should a thief disconnect your car battery. The battery is automatically re-charged while driving and has a test function.
  • Ignition Immobilisation. This option isolates the ignition when the alarm is activated, preventing starting of the car. A high intensity LED flashing light pulsates when alarm is on.
  • Repeller In Action. When the alarm is set into acti
  Model RP1 Model RP2 Model RP3
Remote Control + + +
Panic Function + + +
Piezo electric shock sensor + + +
Ultrasonics +    
Reserve battery siren + +  
Flashing light + + +
Nyheat protective case + + +
Siren     +

Remote Control With Panic

  • The remote control is small and easy to operate. It switches the alarm ON and Off instantaneously from outside your vehicle by means of a secure individually coded radio signal.
  • To activate the alarm, momentarily press the larger button once. An audible signal from the vehicle will be heard and the lights will flash.
  • The panic alarm is operated by pressing the smaller button. This function will only operate with the engine turned off. Pressing the large ON/OFF button turns off the alarm before the end of its panic cycle.
  • The remote control alarm can also optionally operate the vehicle's central locking, electric windows and electric sunroof.