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Electronic Rust Gard

Benefits of Electronic Rust Protection / Rust Proofing:

  • Higher resale value. A properly cared for car with no rust will achieve a far higher resale or lease-end value than a well-cared for car that exhibits signs of rust.
  • A cleaner car. Air-borne dust will no longer be attracted to your car.
  • Eliminate static shocks from your car. Suffer no more pain during dry weather. In 95% of cases, static shock is completely eliminated. In those rare cases where it is not completely eliminated, it is reduced to be barely noticable.
  • A better looking car. Rust is unsightly.
  • A safer car. Structural components can fail due to excessive rusting.
  • Keep your car longer. A car with rust will not last as long as a rust-free car.
  • Not even scratches will rust!

How Does RustStop RS-5 Work?


Rust needs free-electrons to form. The strong positive charge on the Rust Magnets™ attract the negative free-electrons away from the vehicle and they now corrode rather than the vehicle.


Any steel contains millions of free-electrons which are negatively charged and move around in the metal due to positive and negative charge differences caused mainly by impurities in the steel.
These small charge differences (normally around 1 volt) act almost like a magnet, and so the negative free-electrons are attracted toward and accumulate at the positive points.
When these free-electrons are exposed to oxygen and moisture, a reaction occurs and they are lost from the steel. This reaction is known as oxidation or RUST.
RustStop® RS-5 outputs a positive charge onto the Rust Magnets™, approximately 50 times greater than that between the impurity and iron atoms. The iron and impurity atoms are now effectively all negatively charged in relation to the strong positive charge on the Rust Magnets™ and so the free-electrons are attracted toward the Rust Magnets™.
The Rust Magnets™ now corrode rather than the vehicle.

Why RS-5 works?

There is an argument that any product using anodes cannot work unless the anodes are submerged in water or buried in soil, and so do not work on cars or any other open-air equipment. This has some truth, but read further to discover why RustStop® RS-5 is so effective on cars.


RustStop® RS-5 uses a special partially conductive tape on the Rust Magnets™ which acts as a constant electrolyte ensuring conductivity and protection in wet and dry conditions.


Basis for the argument:

Original Cathodic Protection systems, like for pipelines, had the anodes totally separated from the steel being protected. This technology relied on the soil between the anode and pipe to be conductive in order for protection to occur. The soil became the electrolyte.

It could never be used on open-air equipment because there was no way for an anode to hold a stronger charge, and still impress current to the steel. If the anode was in contact with the steel, the charge was short circuited and if it was separate is was insulated, hence zero protection.

So in order for protection to occur, the anode needs to be separate so a strong charge can be held, but have a conductive material between (electrolyte) that would allow current to pass, but not create a direct short.

Why RustStop® RS-5 is so effective:

  • RustStop® RS-5 does not use classic cathodic protection.
  • The secret lies in the special tape that hold the Rust Magnets™ on.
  • This tape is a specially made graphite based, open-cell partially conductive tape which allows the positive 45V to be held, but still allows current to pass through. So the tape becomes a constant electrolyte, in wet and dry conditions.
  • Because it is open-cell, the tape also responds to any moisture present, even atmospheric humidity and increases conductivity and protection when needed most.

RS-5 vs Others

Spray-on Coatings

  • Only protects the area treated - RS-5 protects 100% of the metal
  • Can be messy and unsightly - RS-5 is clean and out of sight
  • Can chip, scratch or wear off - RS-5 is constant
  • Needs to be re-applied - RS-5 provides lifetime protection
  • Environmentally hazardous - Environmentally safe, chemical-free

Capacitive Coupling ERP (Unproven)

  • Capacitive Coupling relies on the paint to be unbroken in order to hold the charge and so as soon as there are any chips or scratches, the protection is greatly compromised, even pores in the paint will result in a loss of charge – RS-5 does not rely on the paint at all and so provides protection to 100% of the metal, 100% of the time including the chips and scratches.
  • The irregular shape of vehicle metal make it difficult to hold a charge using Capacitive Coupling – RS-5 holds a charge on its own Rust Magnets™ and so is able to protect all surrounding metal.
  • Existing rust means broken paint and irregular shapes, which means that the Capacitive Coupling charge is dissipated – RS-5 draws free-electrons away from any rust activity, controlling the reaction and slowing down any further rust.

Direct Connection ERP

  • The current impressed by an output bolted directly to the metal (Direct Connection) travels in a thin path of least resistance. This means there is little or no protection to most of the metal outside of this thin path – RS-5 outputs a strong charge onto the Rust Magnets™ which in turn forms a large area of attraction around each one, like a magnet. The attraction field around each Rust Magnet™ overlap to provide protection to the whole vehicle.

Basic Cathodic Protection ERP

  • Deigned for ships and underground pipelines, the anodes are separated from the metal and the only way you will get protection is if the metal is submerged in water or soil in order to have an electrolyte (conductive material) between anode and metal. This is not suitable for vehicles - RS-5 uses an advanced dual technology and the specially design, graphite-based, open-cell tape on the Rust Magnets™ acts as a constant electrolyte allowing current flow and protection in both wet and dry conditions.

RS-5 Features

  • Designed by certified engineers with over 30 years experience in electronic rust protection.
  • RustStop® RS-5 uses a dual technology to be effective in both wet and dry conditions.
  • The Rust Magnets™ give customers visual proof that the system is working;
  • Suitable for New and Used vehicles;
  • It helps protect the entire car, inside and outside, which sprays cannot do;
  • Independent test results that show RustStop® RS-5 inhibits approximately 76% of rust (i.e. increase life by over 400%).
  • RustStop® RS-5 even helps control formed rust from spreading;
  • Will compliment any other undercoating or spray-on type rust proofing, increasing your protection;
  • Transferrable from vehicle to vehicle;
  • Simple 5-Step Installation, no special tools needed;
  • Available in 6V, 12V and 24V models suitable for bikes, vintage cars, cars, trucks, buses, trucks etc.;
  • RustStop® RS-5 has four indicator lights i.e. Operate Light, Fault Light, Inspection Light and Battery Low Light.
  • Uses less battery current than most vehicle alarm systems;
  • Will not interfere with other electrical installations;
  • Ten (10) Year Warranty
  • Testing and Testimonials
    • Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom
    • Shogun Testing Facilities
    • Diamond-Kote, Canada
    • Electronics Incorporated (Safety Tests)
    • Sapref (Shell and BP, South African Petroleum Refineries
    • Engen Refinery
    • Alpha Pharm
    • Telkom
    • Flamingo Plant Hire (A Barloworld Company)
    • AA Motorist Magazine (Did an article on the effectiveness of ERP)


Q: What is electronic rust prevention?

A: Electronic rust protection is the use of electricity to prevent or control rust on steel. There are various forms of electronic rust protection, some technologies have been in daily use protecting ocean going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over forty years.


Q: How does RustStop® RS-5 work?

A: Rust is basically an electrochemical process. Rust needs free-electrons to form. The strong positive charge on the Rust Magnets™ attract the negative free-electrons away from the vehicle and they now corrode rather than the vehicle. See "How does RS-5 Work" for more details.


Q: How difficult is it to install a RustStop® RS-5 unit? Can I do it myself?

A: Yes. It is quick and simple to install DIY. If you prefer not to install it yourself, you can take it to your local auto electrician.


Q: I have heard that cathodic protection will only be effective if the metal is submerged in water and is ineffective in dry conditions?

A: That is true for "classical cathodic protection" systems. RustStop® RS-5 uses an advanced dual protection enabling protection in atmospheric (open air) conditions. Instead of relying on the electrolyte (water) to surround the anodes and vehicle, a current is impressed onto the vehicle through the special graphite based, open-cell, partially conductive tape, forcing the electrons to flow though the metal and towards strategically placed positively charged Rust Magnets™. The Rust Magnets™ corrode and the corrosion process is interfered with. See "Why RS-5 works" for more details.


Q: What makes RustStop® RS-5 any different than other electronic systems on the market?

A: Certified engineers developed RustStop® RS-5 and are continually taking advantage of cutting edge technology to keep it a leader in this field. RustStop® RS-5 is the only system that successfully combines 2 proven technologies. The Rust Magnets™ give customers visual proof that the system is working and due to a stepped up output voltage 50 times greater than the charges with steel that cause rust, protection is provided to 100% of the vehicle. See "RS-5 vs Others" for more details.


Q: Will RustStop® RS-5 cause electrical shocks if a person touches the vehicle.

A: No. RustStop® RS-5 is as safe as any other electrical device on your vehicle and will not cause any electrical shocks by merely touching the vehicle.


Q: Will RustStop® RS-5 interfere with any electronic devices that are already on my vehicle, such as the computer or car alarm?

A: No. RustStop® RS-5 works like any other electronic device on your vehicle and will not affect any other electronics or on-board computers.


Q: Will RustStop® RS-5 be effective on a vehicle that has existing rust?

A: Yes. Independent test results show that RustStop® RS-5 is very effective in controlling formed rust from spreading and increased protection can be obtained by the use of RustStop® Rx100.


Q: Is it really necessary to install RustStop® RS-5 onto a brand new vehicle that has an existing factory warranty?

A: Definitely. It is best to have protection from day one and even though new vehicles come with a factory warranty, rust usually forms from the inside out and so there could be a large amount of rust present during your warranty period that only become visible when your warranty expires. Also, the exhaust system gets the best protection when it's new.


Q: What if my vehicle already has spray-on rustproofing or undercoating?

A: RustStop® RS-5 electronic rust protection compliments any undercoating or spray-on type rustproofing application giving maximum effectiveness.


Q: Is it practical to install RustStop® RS-5 if I'm only keeping my vehicle for a couple of years?

A: Yes. What if your plans change? Wouldn't it be nice if your vehicle held up longer when times are tough? Let's say you do only keep your vehicle for a couple of years, are you one of the few people that aren't concerned about the resale value? When you show a potential buyer or dealer that you have taken extra measures to protect your vehicle from the inside out, don't you think that in itself would increase the value? Even if you decide none of the points made above are of concern to you, RustStop® RS-5 electronic rust protection can be easily transferred to your next vehicle.


Q: Will RustStop® RS-5 drain my battery?

A: No. RustStop® RS-5 draws less current than most vehicle alarm systems and uses latest technology to enable a voltage step-up to 45V without overloading the battery. If your battery voltage drops by other means, e.g. leaving your lights on, then the electronic unit has a smart censor that automatically shuts the unit off, so as not to damage your battery, and switches back on when the voltage returns to normal.


Q: Will RustStop® RS-5 be effective on larger vehicles such as full size pick-up trucks?

A: Yes. On even larger vehicles you can use 6 anodes. Each 12V RS-5 command module can operate up to 6 anodes, and each 24V RS-5 can operate up to 8 anodes.


Q: Can I fit RustStop® RS-5 to a truck with a 24 volt battery?

A: Yes. RustStop® RS-5 comes in a standard 12 volt system for cars, a 24 volt for trucks, busses etc., as well as a 6 volt units for vintage cars and motorcycles.


Q. Will RustStop actually help protect the value of my vehicle?

A. Absolutely, and that means money back in your hands.

RS-5 Technical Info

  • The Electronic Components are contained in a high quality ABS approved enclosure, which can withstand very low temperatures as well as the very high temperatures in the engine compartment.
  • The Output Voltage on the anodes is stepped up to between 40 - 45 Volts DC, in comparison to the usual 12 Volts output from all other units on the market.
  • The unit has reverse polarity protection against incorrect connection to the battery.
  • A Metal Oxide Varistor is used to protect the unit from damage against lightening and transient spikes from the alternator and starter motor.
  • Components from companies such as Phillips and Hewlett Packard are used to ensure a quality product, hence we offer a limited 10 YEAR WARRANTY on the electronics.
  • The current drawn is between 10 - 38mA.

Brief Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage : 12 Volt DC (6V/24V avail.)
  • Current drawn : Approx. 38mA
  • Ground : (-) Negative
  • Housing : High Grade ABS Plastic
  • Weight : Approx. 400 grams
  • Output Voltage: (+) 40 - 45 Volts


  1. RustStop will not drain your battery or reduce its life span. In fact it acts as a dual-purpose medium by warning you by an indicate facility that your battery requires charging or replacement. The unit when operational draws less current than most alarm systems;
  2. RustStop will compliment any anti-rusting method already carried out on the vehicle such as rubberizing although it does entirely eliminate the necessity for this messy process.
  3. RustStop is safe and will not cause electrical shocks if a person touches the vehicle.
  4. RustStop is environmentally friendly.
  5. Even when fitted incorrectly, RustStop could never accelerate rusting.