Universal Tint & Auto
Our Suppliers: Meguiars 3M Thule Repeller Hayman Reese

Car Protection:

Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle detailing services:

  • De waxer and wash. Removes all dirt, grime, waxes and polishes to bring the paint work back to it's true natural colour.
  • Clay Bar. Will remove all ruff grit out of the paint work leaving your car smooth as ice.
  • Wheel Clean and Shine. Cleans all your wheels including rims, tyres and wheel arches leaving a glossy shine.
  • Wheel Protection. GTechniq is applied to all wheel rims preventing dirt, grime and brake dust sticking to your wheels.
  • Window Clean. We clean both inside and outside of all windows preventing contaminates from sticking to your windows.
  • Interior Detailing. Includes dash, consoles, door jambs, floors, mats, roof lining, boot area, door trims and air vents.
  • Metal polish. For all chrome protection bars, sports bars and steps.
  • Engine bay Detail. Degreased and cleaned, leaving your engine bay looking like showroom material.
  • Scratch Removal. Removes all those minor scratches and swirls left from the previous car wash.
  • Polishing Buff. GTechniq Polish applied to whole vehicle and machined buffed.
  Detail Pack 1 Detail Pack 2 Detail Pack 3 Detail Pack 4
De waxer and Wash + + + +
Clay Bar + + +
Wheel Clean and Shine + + + +
Wheel Protection +
Window Clean + + + +
Interior Detailing + +
Metal polish
Engine bay Detail +
Scratch Removal
Polishing Buff + +