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Car Wraps and Signage


Your car has more potential than you think.

Whether you want to protect your cars paintwork (no more nasty paint touch-ups), or just change the overall look of your vehicle, if you can imagine it, we can help you create and achieve it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to vehicle wrapping!
With a variety of colours and textures, your car will definitely turn heads with Universal Tints 3M 1080 series vinyl wrap!

Matte / Satin

Satin White
Satin Pearl White
Satin Black
Matte Silver
Matte Yellow
Matte White
Matte Red
Matte Purple
Matte Pink
Matte Orange
Matte Apple Green
Matte Military Green
Matte Red Metallic
Matte Green Metallic
Matte Copper Metallic
Matte Charcoal Metallic
Matte Brown Metallic
Matte Blue Metallic
Matte Dark Gray
Matte Gray Aluminium
Matte Black

Brushed metal

Brushed Aluminium
Brushed Titanium
Brushed Steel
Brushed Blue Steel
Brushed Gold
Brushed Black Metallic

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre Anthracite
Carbon Fibre Black
Carbon Fibre White

What is 3M 1080 Car Wrap?

Highly durable coloured vinyl that can completely cover the paint work of your car, protecting it from stone chips and minor abrasions from general wear and tear, available in a variety of colours and textures.

  • Design a fresh and unique look for your vehicle
  • Transforms ordinary to extraordinary
  • Protects your paint work from wear and tear
  • Change your vehicle colour without destroying the factory paint
  • Can be removed when you sell your car leaving your original paint looking new
  • Highly durable last up to 5 years if maintain correctly
We can also wrap bikes, boats, laptops, iphones, anything that has a smooth surface that needs a colour change.


  • 3M - Cookie's Tip - Maintaining Vehicle Wraps - Matte Black

  • 3M - Cookie's Tip - What you shouldn't wrap on a vehicle

  • 3M 1080 Wrap Film Removal NO DAMAGE

What is the cost to wrap my car?

The cost depends on if you are wrapping single parts of a full car. Also the size and shape of the vehicle, We do have set prices for the more common parts.

Are there benefits to wrapping your vehicle?

Not only can you add your original personal touch to your car, but it is all fully removable, leaving your original paint work perfect.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

A professionally applied vehicle wrap that is well maintained can last up to 5 years or more.

Are Chrome Wraps illegal in this country?

Please check with your RTA but highly reflective films can blind other drivers by reflecting the sun and may cause an accident.
We currently do not offer reflective film due to this issue.

Is it hard to clean/care for?

No just like your original paint the more frequent you wash your vehicle the longer it will last, avoid high pressure hoses, hand washing is preferred. Maintenance products are available we recommend Permanon and Meguiars products.

Can it go through a car wash?

We recommend a hand wash opposed to a machine car wash

Is the vehicle wrap easy to remove?

Yes if a high quality film is used, some of the lower quality films can be difficult and sometimes damage your vehicle. If your vehicle has been resprayed the resprayed panels may also be damaged when removing the wrap if the panels were not painted and cured correctly. We strongly advice waiting at least 7 week if your panels have been sprayed before applying any wrapping.

Do I have to pay someone to remove the wrap?

No. We’ll supply you with simple instructions for removing the graphics yourself. See video

Will vehicle wrapping damage the vehicle?

If the vehicle has existing damage such as stone chips, abrasions or rust patches on your paintwork it’s important to remember that when the vinyl is removed it may pull loose paint off with it. Also if the vehicle has been resprayed incorrectly and the paintwork has had not enough time cure or harden when removing the wrap may pull loose paint off.

Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

yes let us create you imagination it is highly common just wrap sections of your vehicle giving a 2 tone effect.

Can it be exposed to heat?

It can withstand 120 degrees celcius and is developed especially for vehicle exteriors (this is why the material costs so much).

Does it scratch easily?

Much like vehicle paint work scratches are part of the general wear and tear of all products. Gloss products will scratch much easier than your matte finishes.