Sun Control

Sun Control

Sun control is important for your home or office to protect yourself and your space from the suns harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Universals sun control ranges are reflective, metal-based and high performing.
They are suitable for most interior and exterior applications, with a range of tones and resistances available:

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Ceramic series

Ceramic series sun control from by 3M provides reliable and effective sun control with a highly reflective, quicksilver finish. This film delivers high performance advantages and is a must for your space.

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Prestige series

Prestige series sun control film provides dramatically low reflectivity with a clear finish giving all of the benefits of window film without a dramatic visual difference. It will also prevent your windows from becoming mirrors so you can enjoy your views.

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Prestige exterior data
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Traditional series

Traditional series sun control film are a series of mildly reflective, metal-based high performance film which is suitable for homes and offices. The neutral colour preserves the tone of natural light whilst still offering heat, glare and UV rejection.

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Night Vision series

Night vision series sun control film provides low interior and exterior reflectivity providing optimal visual clarity at every time of day or night. The films natural true black colour will allow your space to operate more efficiently, reducing glare heat and UV rays from entering.

Night Vision Data

Enhance your comfort and efficiency for your home or office year round with 3M Thinsulate Window Film Climate Control 75. 3M Thinsulate helps keep the warmth in during the winter and the cool conditioned air in during the summer. 3M Thinsulate reduces cold/hot spots which increase comfort within the home and office environment.

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Clearly superior window films for clearly superior homes and offices, keep the view, keep the light, control the heat and reduce the fading are all the advantages 3M prestige window films have. 3M Prestige is designed to maintain the appearance of your home or office.

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The 3M Night Vision series is a film combining the benefits of both carbon and metal films. Coupled with the best adhesive technology 3M has to offer, this creates a product that has a natural true black colour, excellent heat & glare rejection, enhanced clarity with low internal reflectivity.

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Amazing clarity with a natural tone 3M Ceramic Series uses non-metal nanotechnology to give you a low reflective film that stops high heat and glare. These ceramics allow us to create a film that is tough, won’t corrode and is so clear your view will remain beautiful. With energy costs seeming to increase every year, 3M Ceramic Series films are a great way to save money and help the environment.

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High heat reduction reflective 3M films. These tinted, reflective films combine high heat reduction with a quick return on investment. By significantly reducing glare, our films help you do your work or relax without the added eyestrain from excessive light.

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