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3M Di-Noc Film

If it's Di-Noc, you can do it. Thin, light and seamless, Di-Noc film is used by many designers as a creative and decorative interior material. Three special characteristics, colourful patterns, design quality and texture of the material, combine to create special architectural features.

Di-Noc film was originally designed approximately 70 years ago, for application to the outside panels of automobiles. It was therefore constructed to withstand the effects of weather and wear and tear. With these strengths, it has become an indispensable tool for many architects and designers when creating special features and effects. These functional building materials are opening new horizons worldwide.

Practical Applications:

  • Offices: Halls. The use of Di-Noc Woodgrain film for walls and ceilings creates an atmosphere of warmth. The film allows freedom of design, as it is flexible, responding to various needs. The non-flammable characteristic of the D-Board base material resolves the demand for interior fireproofing. In order to produce good acoustics, the Di-Noc covered panels first have slits cut into them in the factory and are lined with foam boards made from a mixture of glass fibres, inorganic matter and phenolic resin. The rate of sound absorption is improved by the long slits, which also create a layered design pattern. This construction was also applied to the ceiling to reduce construction time.
  • Restaurants: Partitions. These folding screens are covered with a cloud pattern. The film is durable and can be used for multiple purposes, broadening the utilization of the area where it is used. There is a broad range of film designs for use where water resistance is required. This allows many different architectural features to be incorporated. Refurbishment can be rapidly achieved at low cost by applying directly over existing surfaces.
  • Buildings: Passageways. The soft diffused light creates an appearance of warmth, calm and cleanliness.
  • Fast Food Outlets: Windows, Doors. Using Fasara, an effective Corporate Identity can be achieved on the front of the store.
  • Public Venues: Lobby Areas. Fasara can be applied to glass windows and panels in large venues, providing a high quality appearance to the whole area.
  • Offices: Conference Rooms. Fasara can be applied to all the glass walls, providing a well lit space, while maintaining privacy.
  • Hotels: Bathhouses/Indoor Pools. For areas such as spas and steam, the film has excellent moisture resistance and is easy to maintain.
  • Public Buildings: Bathrooms. A clean appearance is achieved by using a metallic film with the appearance of aluminium. Simple construction reduces construction cost.
3M Di-Noc Film

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