Crystalline offers clear film technologies but still holds all of the performance qualities of darker tints.
If you want to maintain your cars original appearance but enhance the benefits the windows can offer, Crystalline is the tint for you.
Crystalline rejects up to 97% of the suns Infrared rays and rejects up to 60% of heat that makes its way into your car.

This heat reduction will significantly improve your vehicles air conditioning system by lightening the stress placed on it by way of a cooler cabin.
Although the tint is clear, Crystalline blocks up to 99.9% of the suns harmful UV rays, which will protect your interior from wear and tear caused by the sun.


  • Clear, smooth tint
  • Maximum UV ray blockage
  • Major heat & IR rays reduction
  • Maintains original look of vehicle
  • Lifetime nationwide warranty*


*Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply

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