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Auto wraps can change the entire look of your car and protect its paintwork in ultimate style.
The possibilities are endless with auto wraps as you can remove them at any time with no damage and restyle again.

Stand out on the streets with a personalized and fully customised vehicle.
Or do you want your bike, boat, laptop or phone wrapped? We can customise any item that has a smooth surface.


  • Protects paint
  • Personalised & customized
  • Removable with no residual damage
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Wrapping Options
Full Wrap (Solid Colour)
Car Full Wrap
Boat Full Wrap
Motorcycle Full Wrap
Full Wrap (Custom Print )
Car Full Wrap
Boat Full Wrap
Motorcycle Full Wrap
Parts Wrap 
Auto Custom Part Wrap
Hull Band With Wtipe
Motorcycle Custom Part Wrap
Colour Options

3M 1080-CFS12

Straight Fibre Black

3M 1080-SB12

Shadow Black

3M 1080-CFS201

Straight Fiber Anthracite

3M 1080-G212

Gloss Black Metallic

3M 1080-GP292

Gloss Galaxy Black

3M 1080-S12

Satin Black

3M 1080-SP242

Satin Gold Dust Black

3M 1080-BR212

Brushed Black Metallic

3M 1080-MX12

Matrix Black

3M 1080-G12

Gloss Black

3M 1080-DM12

Dead Matte Black

3M 1080-G127

Gloss Boat Blue

3M 1080-M22

Matte Deep Black

3M 1080-GP272

Gloss Midnight Blue

3M 1080-S271

Satin Thunder Cloud

3M 1080-M27

Matte Indigo

3M 1080-S261

Satin Dark Gray

3M 1080-M261

Matte Dark Gray

3M 1080-BR201

Brushed Steel

3M 1080-M230

Matte Gray Aluminum

3M 1080-BR120

Brushed Aluminum

3M 1080-BR230

Brushed Titanium

3M 1080-G31

Gloss Storm Gray

3M 1080-G79

Gloss Light Ivory

3M 1080-CFS10

Straightline Fiber White

3M 1080-G10

Gloss White

3M 1080-M10

Matte White

3M 1080-S10

Satin White

3M 1080-SP280

Satin Flip Ghost Pearl

3M 1080

Sat Flip Carib Shim Cyan Green

3M 1080-GP281

Gloss Flip Psych Slv PrisRainbow

3M 1080

Gloss Flip Deep Space Black Bronze Purple

3M 1080-G211

Gloss Charcoal Metallic

3M 1080-GP298

Gloss Wicked

3M 1080-SP59

Satin Caramel Luster

3M 1080-M229

Matte Copper Metallic

3M 1080-G241

Gloss Gold Metallic

3M 1080-G348

Gloss Fierce Fuchsia

3M 1080-G103

Gloss Hot Pink

3M 1080-GP258

Gloss Plum Explosion

3M 1080-GP287

Gloss Flip Elec Wave Purple Blue

3M 1080-SP288

Sat Flip Glac Frost Blue Purple

3M 1080-GP99

Gloss Black Rose

3M 1080-GP282

Gloss Ember Black

3M 1080-M209

Matte Brown Metallic

3M 1080-GP253

Gloss Cinder Spark Red

3M 1080-G203

Gloss Red Metallic

3M 1080-SP273

Satin Vampire Red

3M 1080-SP236

Satin Flip Vol Flare Red Gold

3M 1080-M203

Matte Red Metallic

3M 1080-G83

Gloss Dark Red

3M 1080-G13

Gloss Hot Rod Red

3M 1080-S363

Satin Smoldering Red

3M 1080-G363

Gloss Dragon Fire Red

3M 1080-M13

Matte Red

3M 1080-G364

Gloss Fiery Orange

3M 1080-G344

Gloss Liquid Copper

3M 1080-S344

Satin Canyon Copper

3M 1080-VCW17074

Satin Neon Fluorescent Orange

3M 1080-G14

Gloss Burnt Orange

3M 1080-G54

Gloss Bright Orange

3M 1080-M54

Matte Orange

3M 1080-G335

Gloss Lemon Sting

3M 1080-S335

Satin Bitter Yellow

3M 1080-G15 Gloss Bright Yellow

3M 1080-G25

Gloss Sunflower Yellow

3M 1080-VCW17076

Satin Neon Fluorescent Yellow

3M 1080-VCW17120

Satin Neon Fluorescent Green

3M 1080-G336

Gloss Green Envy

3M 1080-G46

Gloss Kelly Green

3M 1080-M196

Matte Apple Green

3M 1080-S196

Satin Apple Green

3M 1080-G356

Gloss Atomic Teal

3M 1080-M206

Matte Pine Green Metallic

3M 1080-S57

Satin Key West

3M 1080-G77

Gloss Sky Blue

3M 1080-M67

Matte Riviera Blue

3M 1080-G47

Gloss Intense Blue

3M 1080-G337

Gloss Blue Fire

3M 1080-G217

Gloss Deep Blue Metallic

3M 1080-G227

Gloss Blue Metallic

3M 1080-M227

Matte Blue Metallic

3M 1080-G378

Gloss Blue Raspberry

3M 1080-G251

Gloss Sterling Silver

3M 1080-SP10

Satin Pearl White

3M 1080-SP240

Satin Frozen Vanilla

3M 1080-GP240

Gloss White Gold Sparkle

3M 1080-S120

Satin White Aluminum

3M 1080-M21

Matte Silver

3M 1080-G201

Gloss Anthracite

3M 1080-G247

Gloss Ice Blue

3M 1080-S51

Satin Battleship Gray

3M 1080-GP291

Gloss Glacier Gray

3M 1080-M12

Matte Black

3M 1080-M211

Matte Charcoal Metallic