Rejects Up To 99%
Of Ultraviolet

Protects Your Vehicle
Interior From Fading
And Cracking

Increase Air
Conditioning Efficiency
& Therefore Reduces
Fuel Consumption



Check your state or country where your car is registered to find out applicable tint laws. These are just guidelines, please check with your local RTA for all window tinting updates available.



Decrease Heat: Today’s window film is extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy.
Reduce Fading.
Cut Glare
Improve Comfort and enjoy energy saving
Enhance your vehicle’s appearance
Increase Safety
Minimise Cancer & Sunspots

Black Armor is coated with a durable, scratch resistant coating so you can enjoy years of beautiful performance without constantly replacing your window film.

The new mixture of carbon-ceramic makes the perfect solution for all your car tinting requirements, rejecting more than 50% to 70% heat during the hot days and 99.9% of UV “A” and UV “B” for more protection during the summer, and with the IR 60+ to our carbon-ceramic makes it a more heat resistant film and giving great value for money.

Below are just a few reasons why you should choose our Classic Carbon-Ceramic:

VLT = Percentage of visible daylight that passes directly through window.
Heat = is combined Solar Energy that is Reflected and Absorb by the film.
Glare = Total glare reduction.
UV = Percentage of ultraviolet protection.
TSER = Percentage of the total solar energy that is rejective. TSER includes visible light, infrared radiation and ultraviolet energy.
Thickness = Total thickness of window film.
IR = Infrared heat or radiated heat, the feeling of warmth from the sun on your face; the heat from a coal fire, or a toaster.

  • Rejects up to 99.9% of ultraviolet
  • Protects your vehicle interior from fading and cracking
  • Provides superior heat rejection
  • Fast drying IR60+

Published values are representative of typical production runs and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances within industry.

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