Privacy & Decorative

Privacy & Decorative

These films combine some of 3M’s latest technologies to provide a
stunning visual for privacy screens that blocks the vision through glass
but not the light in a manner unseen in older frosting technology. The
tiny crystals in the film act by dispersing light, not blocking it; This has the
double edged effect of blocking vision completely while redistributing light
evenly around a room making some windows that receive angled light

3M Privacy Films come in a variety of colours and patterns from dots and
stripes to acid-wash and sand-blasted effects, including the Fasara range
of Eastern style films including rice paper effects to bring an Asian or
modern touch to your space.

The added durability of these films also provide a degree of shatter
proofing to the glass for added safety meaning that dusted films are a total
solution where views are not a concern.


  • Architectural applications
  • Privacy and decorative
  • Window graphic applications, can be digitally cut to any design
  • Unique rice paper designs (Sagano, Rikyu and Yamato)
  • Emulates etched or sand blasted glass (Oslo and Lausanne)
  • All designs are uniform throughout the film
  • Glare and heat reduction
  • Fingerprint resistant – Glass Shade Series
  • Durable polyester film
  • Increases personal safety from flying glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be removed when required
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