Night Vision

Privacy during the day without losing your view at night

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  • Day or Night View
  • Low Reflectivity – Sparkling Clarity
  • UV Protection
  • Energy Saving
  • Nano Technology
  • Prevent Fading
  • Gives privacy during the day
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The 3M Night Vision series is a film combining the benefits of both carbon and metal films. Coupled with the best adhesive technology 3M has to offer, this creates a product that has a natural true black colour, excellent heat & glare rejection, enhanced clarity with low internal reflectivity.

Enhanced views, savings and comfort. Better sight at night. The night vision series helps block the sun’s damaging UV rays, reduce glare and reject up to 71% of the sun’s heat. Night Vision films allow 15% to 35% of the natural light into your rooms by day, and thanks to a low interior reflectivity, you can still enjoy the view out by night.

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Universal Tint are licenced 3M installers so you can rest assure you will be receiving not only our promised of the highest quality installation but also peace of mind that a genuine 3M product will be used.

So, from product recommendation to design and installation we are here to help from start to finish. Give us a call so we can help you find your solution to your film problems.